Rowing Machine Reviews – Concept 2 Rowers

If you are interested in getting a Concept2 indoor rowing machine, you can rely on the following consumer report to learn more about the brand’s best features.

The fact that the Concept2 machines are used in gyms and by professional athletes is one of the first indications of quality. The majority of people who have tried the brand were impressed by the sturdiness, and the efficiency of the workout that the Concept2 indoor rowing machines provides.

There are two main models to choose from: the Concept2 Model D, and the Model E. Here is what buyers had to say about each of the machines.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine
The best feature that most buyers were happy with was the resilience of the Model D rowing machine. It is very easy to assemble and keep in perfect condition. A few reviewers reported that after several years of usage, the machine was still free from signs of wear and tear.

Many reviewers lost significant amounts of weight by using the rowing machine several times a week having 30 to 40 minute workouts. The machine can be used to get a complete body workout and to do the cardio that will result in quick fat burning. The display provides information about heart rate, strokes per minute, distance, etc. This information can be used to track progress and make even better use of the machine over time.

The rowing machine is provided with software that has an individual online log book. Many buyers used this system to log their data and compare their results to the ones of others using the Concept2 workout equipment.

The silent working of the rower is another great feature that it was praised for. The majority of people who bought the Concept2 Model D were capable of watching TV while doing their workout routine.

Concept2 Model D is available for a great price. The fact that the machine will remain in excellent condition for a very long period of time adds even more to its value.

Though the Concept2 Model D has received predominantly positive reviews from buyers, there are a few concerns mentioned in between the praise. A few reviewers mentioned the size of the display as a bit of a problem because the individual working out is sitting a bit too far back to see it clearly.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine
Model E comes with a higher stance than the model D, which according to some reviewers contributed to better rowing action of this slightly more expensive Concept2 model. As a person starts rowing harder, the resistance increases and results in even more intense workouts.

The machine is provided with clear and easy to follow instructions. A person that has no experience in putting exercise machines together will need approximately 30 minutes to assemble the rower. Once the process is complete, the model E can be considered a virtually maintenance-free piece of equipment.

Several individuals can use the rowing machine, each one of them getting to keep track of vital data and progress being made. The rower comes with a useful display and an online log book for recording personal data enabling the user to compare it to the results of others using the Concept2 rowing machines.

The quality of the materials was praised several times. The Concept2 Model E is very robust and sleek, which means that the machine will remain in good condition for many years to come.

Several individuals suffering from knee injuries or arthritis tried the model E rower and were extremely happy with the outcome. The machine exercised all of the essentials muscles without straining the knees, the back and other sensitive areas.

The Concept2 Model E machine has many five-star reviews but a few individuals who bought the machine were unhappy with its size. It is a relatively large piece of fitness equipment and anyone interested in getting this one should make sure there is enough space for proper indoor placement of the machine.


The Concept2 is probably the most popular name in the world of indoor rowing machines. All of the customers who reviewed the company’s rowers were very happy with the type of workout and the resistance provided by the machines. The indoor rowers were also praised for the quality of the materials and the sturdiness. The machines were in really good condition after several years of usage, despite the minimal maintenance. The Concept2 is considered to be the overall leader and the brand capable of providing the best price to quality ratio on the market.

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